Saturday, February 22, 2014

More girl sewing

While I work on finishing my winter jacket, I'll share some of my smaller projects that have been stuck in a blogging back log. Today I have some more girl sewing, starting with another Sunki for Adele.
I adore this dress pattern and thankfully Adele does too. I made a size 5 this time and again used a remnant gifted to me by Rachel - linen blend I think.
The contrast purple side panels are a poplin from deep in my stash and I used a skirt length invisible zipper at the back, purchased from the Op Shop, only because it was all I had.

Next, we have new day care dresses for Adele and her bestie, Elva.
The girls designed these dresses with me a few weeks ago when Elva came over for a play date.
I used a simple, self-drafted kimono t-shirt block and extended it to a dress length, then added a contrast neckband and pockets.
Both fabrics are from The Remnant Warehouse and are stable cotton knits. The girls love them and I do too. Aren't they just adorable together?
Even more adorable though, is Elva's little sister Audrey. She's quite an adventurous little one, but she's so exceptionally cute while she pushes those boundaries that you can't help but laugh!

Hope you're having a great weekend - not much sewing happening here :( but that's OK


  1. those are some super cute dresses (and kids!)
    and did you change your comment system, now I have to log in instead of just using my blogspot profile ?

  2. Adorable kids! I love all these dresses!

  3. Super cute! I just love those little daycare dresses - pretty and practical.

  4. Yes, but now that you've logged in, you can leave as many comments as you like without logging in again. You can also receive messages back from me:)

  5. Yes, I do have to insist on practical with this child. If I left it up to her there would be sequins and beads!

  6. Super cute dresses - love the matching dress a lot. What a cute idea for a play date (my daughter and friend had the same outfits in different colourways, so maybe I am biased).

  7. So cute. This is nothing like my daughter. She's all about shorts and soccer shirts. So daggy!

  8. How sweet! I've never thought about making matching dresses for my daughter and her bestie. I usually make her a skirt with any leftover fabric after making myself a dress. I just blogged about our matching skirts that I made.


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